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Concept and Context

The meaning of Tresonance

Tresonance Foundation is a not-for-profit collaborative that has been established with a purpose of enabling individuals and organizations to discover and manifest their deeper calling. Tresonance is short for Transformational Resonance.

What is Resonance?

Resonance is a phenomenon in Physics where the frequencies of two objects get mutually reinforced, when vibrating synchronously, in a way that the system starts vibrating at much higher amplitude. One of the reasons why platoons were asked to break up steps whilst crossing wooden bridges was to prevent this resonance from making the bridge swing wildly and possibly break as a result.

How does this apply to Individuals?

Everyone’s purpose in life is to be happy. But happiness often eludes us.

What makes individuals truly joyful? We believe this happens when we are in harmony and alignment internally and externally; when we are engaging in something we are truly passionate about and also naturally good at.

This joy is further enhanced when we find ‘meaning’ in what we do - when we can see, not just how it takes care of our material and emotional needs, but also how it supports the greater good of all humanity.

Thrill, Skill and Drill

We feel that we can be in this harmony in life, and therefore joyful, if we align 3 things for ourselves:

  1. THRILL: This is what we are Passionate about. When engaged in serving our passion, time stands still and everything else becomes second priority. We are in touch with our passion in our early years but may keep it aside only as a hobby or may completely lose touch with it, as we grow older and have to take on responsibilities of being the bread earner or mother or homemaker, to name some.
  2. SKILL: This is our core Proficiency or potentiality or competence. We may be good at many things but, in this arena, we are naturally, spontaneously and effortlessly better than most others. This competence has been tested in different situations. Friends, family members and colleagues have acknowledged and validated this in the past. We may spend a lifetime professionally, leaning on acquired skills where we may be moderate to good and may no longer be in touch with our core potentiality, an arena where we can arguably be amongst the best in the world.
  3. DRILL: This represents our choice of work - our career, Profession or external engagement in the world, in our current context. If we retire with ample material comforts, we may look only for meaningful assignments, without bothering about what it pays us. However, if we have EMIs and responsibilities, the choice of drill may require a viable economic engine. The important thing here is that the ‘drill’ must provide ample opportunities to do those things that give us ‘thrill’ and leverage our ‘skill’. Our normal ‘drill’ choices in life, however, are more governed by brand, money, status and location and our ability to ‘swing such a job’, rather than a choice made consciously keeping in mind this need for aligning thrill, skill and drill.

This alignment of Thrill, Skill and Drill is our definition of Transformational Resonance or Tresonance. When this alignment happens, an individual makes significant impact in their immediate surroundings, materially and energetically. The size of this impact grows with time and has the capacity to make a ‘dent’ in the universe! Conversely, an Individual not in Tresonance will often feel trapped in a role or profession but is unable to figure out how to break out of this situation.

Uncovering our life purpose

People often look for their life purpose and are confused how to figure it out. We believe that, if people can align their thrill, skill and drill, their life Purpose automatically reveals itself almost as if it were a higher-order will. Attaining Tresonance is, therefore, a more tangible way for an individual to discover their purpose in this lifetime.

Tresonance is a journey and not a destination

Tresonance is a dynamic concept. Our understanding and articulation of our Thrill and Skill may deepen with time and living in Tresonance then demands a different work-way of manifesting it. This becomes as much of an inner journey of discovering our true nature as it does of manifesting its presence in the real world, in a continuously evolving way.

If one becomes self-aware, it is easier to understand how our Thrill and Skill is evolving or shifting over time. This also enables us to take a leap of faith and re-engineer our Drill manifestation to bring us back in Tresonance.

Power of Collective Tresonance

Having said this, imagine the power of many joyful individuals together. That ‘resonance’ would truly be Transformational, in its energy and presence, for them and the collective - families, organizations, communities and nations; in fact the universe as a whole.

Tresonance Foundation hence works closely with Individuals to help them attain their Tresonance relevant to their current life context.

Tresonance – The Summary