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How We Work

Tresonance Foundation has trustees and volunteers, on their own life journey, passionate about their cause and proficient in the areas they volunteer in. The Foundation does not pay remuneration to its associates for the services provided nor do we seek remuneration from those we serve. This is our way of giving back to the society and the planet.

Our service is based on the principle of ‘giftivism’ and ‘pay-it-forward’. Those who have benefited, including those who we worked with or organizations that recruited such persons, or those who feel called simply as Friends of Foundation may:

  1. Volunteer time in the Foundation to perform tasks in their ‘thrill’ (passion) and ‘skill’ (core proficiency) zones
  2. Help others find their calling in their network of family, friends, team members
  3. Make a financial contribution, whatever they feel is affordable and comfortable, to the Foundation to support our continuity and growth
  4. Do a ‘good’ deed voluntarily for someone as a token of paying it forward

Our unique proposition is one of being a coaching-counselling-mentoring and headhunting organization, rolled into one. The difference is in the holistic nature of our conversations, the time invested in going deeper with the individual and in the ‘giftivism and pay-it-forward’ nature of our service – both for those providing it and those using it.