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Joyful Journeys

We are grateful that we have been able to make a contribution to the lives of some and have discovered some already on this journey where a little nudge was all they needed. A few snippets of our joyful engagements:

A young girl all of 13: Encouraged by her father, she was exploring different career options. In some of her own words, she said she wanted to “discover her calling/ passion; the egg of an individual, waiting to crack”. THE thing that would give her thrills for the rest of her life. The inputs of Tresonance Foundation have helped her to keep this inquiry alive at this young age.

1st year IIT students: These bright individuals entered a prestigious institution but soon felt a goal vacuum. What’s the goal now, other than studying and doing well? During a day-long workshop with them, many chose a simple goal of discovering themselves more deeply over the next 3 years. They aimed to be able to answer the question, “What am I passionate about?” and “What am I spontaneously good at?” This would set the stage for inner and outer alignment at the time of making their professional choices.

A senior executive in the later stage of his career: In his late 40s, he was seeking support in making a job shift. An ‘empty- nester’ by now with his spouse by his side, he did not want to travel much. Money was not the main motivator. The conversation at Tresonance helped him shift gears at this pit stop. Rather than shifting jobs, he validated competencies that had put him in good stead over a 25-year career span. He went back with questions about his calling. Options that emerged were definitely not ‘more of the same’. His spouse was also glad that he was now open to out-of-the-box options instead of moving ahead on the beaten and more secure path.

An entrepreneur who had already found his Tresonance: This man left a well-paying job and launched a company that used bio-degradable waste from nearby areas and would use that to generate gas, with organic compost as a by-product. Thanks to the shortage of funds, he ended up designing arguably the world’s cheapest waste-to gas-converter, for which he has now applied for a patent. Despite his best efforts, he was not being able to raise more funds and was facing an imminent foreclosure of his operations. In a conversation with one of the trustees, some viable options were generated. The Tresonance network was able to reach out to many well-wishers, warm-hot investor leads and, within 3 months, he found a group of angel investors willing to give him the amount he needed to make the project work.

A just-become-mother in sales training: A successful professional with a multinational bank, she was seeking professional alternatives after having a baby as she could no longer balance home and work priorities with this profession. A series of conversations threw up the option of her getting trained in hypnotherapy and she was also put in touch with some relevant institutes offering courses. She took the plunge and, in her own words, is now a certified Mind Therapist, Trainer and Self Help Facilitator. She operates from Noida. Besides hypnotherapy, she also conducts training for Undergraduate and MBA students in how to be stress free and deal with mind power more effectively.