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Norms Of Engagement

Kindly go through the norms. If you choose to become a “Tresonancee” and seek our support, it would imply that you have agreed and accepted these norms. In Tresonance Foundation, “Tresonancee” is the ‘Individual client’ seeking our support to discover and/or manifest their deeper calling and “Kalyanmitra*” is the volunteer who is engaging with the ‘Tresonancee’ to enable this journey.

(*Kalyanmitra means friend who seeks and supports your welfare and well-being)

Conversations are not Therapy - Tresonancee needs to be aware that our enabling conversations are not therapy, are not meant to substitute clinical or psychological counselling or psychotherapy and that we are not licensed therapists (clinical or otherwise).

Our service may only address specific personal or professional projects, transitions or general conditions in a Tresonancee’s life or profession.