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Our Process

How do we help people discover and manifest their calling?

The process is simple. First talk to the person to help them figure out their Thrill (passion) and Skill (core proficiency); then help them discover the Drill (work options) viable in their current context; and finally help them to connect with people in their and our ‘extended network’ who may have a potential need for this person’s gifts.

Conversation to deeply connect and discover: Through enabling conversations, we trigger self-discovery about an individual’s passion and core potentiality. We co-create professionally viable options, keeping their current context in mind.

We listen deeply, with presence, one-ness and no judgment. We don’t come in with pre-conceived notions or solutions. We may share anecdotes and life experiences as self-disclosure, to provide perspective or to motivate, but not as prescriptions to follow. Simply listening and providing space for self-reflection often opens doorways and individuals find their own solutions. Finding one’s own answers gives more energy than the best advice offered and enables the individual to be self-reliant.

We do not prescribe any dialoguing framework to the volunteers for these conversations. Each has their own style. The overall framework of helping them discover what they are passionate about, what they are naturally and spontaneously good at and what engagement options are viable in their current context is the guiding light of these conversations.

Connection to manifest: Once it is clear which options the individual intends to pursue, we leverage our collective network to connect them with those who can help turn their intentions into reality. We also help them, if needed, to create a new profile and an appropriate communication that can be sent out to the prospective users of their gifts.