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Individuals are not silos – whatever we do impacts others connected to us, and we in turn are shaped by people, thoughts and “vibes” around us.

When I listened to my heart and left the corporate to start my renewable energy venture, I opened myself to all sorts of challenges and stressful situations.

Being very tightly bonded to my family, I successfully transmitted a lot of those stresses to my near and dear ones. Enter Vinit Taneja in his pre-Tresonance avtaar.

Before I speak of Vinit/Tresonance, I would like to quote my partner in grime, sorry, crime, my wife Mamta “I feel comforted by Vinit – I feel as if things will be taken care of and I feel less insecure”

We are not talking about the “good bedside manner of a doctor”. Instead, there is a science to what Vinit does.

First of all, he does not come in with any pre-set ideas or solutions. In fact, he approaches with a simple warm desire to hear out another human being. Just hear them out. Since he is listening with his heart, he can empathise, as well as pick out the genuine pain points from the back ground clutter.

His big contributions are his ability to genuinely understand, and then leverage his mind bogglingly large set of friends and networks in order to deliver what is needed.

No complex dance of consulting; no evaluations, reports, structured feedback sessions. Instead, the most difficult and unique of all things: personal, deep, warm human-to-human interaction, leading to spreading the ripple of goodness.

I’m blessed to have him in my life.

Anupam Jalote
Founder & CEO Greenoil

As a child I used to make cards for almost every occasion. It was a hobby one can say. But my journey towards art actually began when I was around the age of 10 or 11. It has been 8 years since then and I can’t believe that time has flown by so fast. When I joined Windows I didn’t think for a moment that it would become my life.

I don’t know how but Renuka ma’am saw potential in me and nurtured me. The only other art teacher I had was the kind of teacher who taught children how to copy things. Renuka ma’am was different. She allowed us to do what we wanted and helped us take our work a bit forward by adding shading or texturing etc. She showed me the joy of art, of letting go and trusting your instincts. I don’t exactly remember incidents but what I know is that Renuka ma’am made me confident of my own work.

I would often look at other people’s work and feel my work was nothing in comparison. She would find reasons to appreciate what I did and this would restore my self-confidence.

She made me believe that I am good enough. The confidence she gave me helped me get through the competitive exams of design schools like Srishti and DJ Academy of Design, since I now believed in my work and stopped doubting myself. She has been one of the biggest influences in my life and I’ll be forever grateful.

Ajooni Bhogal
18 years
1st Year, DJ Academy of Design, Coimbatore

"What next?

Two words that can scare the living daylights of every person who is an achiever, dynamic, self-driven, and is creative, and wants to make life count. If nothing, for oneself!

Great planning and execution will possibly take you a long way, and you may never really face the What Next question ever. At least for a long time!

But more often than not, even the best of them hit a deadlock somewhere along the way. It usually comes in the form of a mind block on where and how to navigate life. A question that acknowledges all your achievements and then asks: where do you go from here?

This is where Pranavi Jha steps in. She comes in with a singular interest to listen to your story. She would will you to retrace the path to where it all started, and soon, very soon, you will be speaking about things you had long forgotten and given up.

In conversing with her, you will see yourself revisiting the crossroads you left behind when you made your early choices, without feeling guilty for the many years you spent away from it. Pranavi has an immense capacity to encourage you to voice your doubts on this journey of self-discovery, and help you find your answers to the questions that bother you.

And help you find your Zen moment!!!

Dinesh Krishnan
Independent Photojournalist